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Are your students developing clinical judgment to prepare for practice?

Research shows most new graduate nurses are not practice-ready.¹

Case studies are an effective teaching strategy² and used most often³ to practice clinical judgment skills in nursing education, but not all case studies are created equal.

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Why KeithRN® Case Studies?

KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies integrate educational best-practices with scenarios derived from real life that develop clinical judgment skills needed for safe practice and NextGen NCLEX®.

10 Reasons Your Program Should Use KeithRN Case Studies

New KeithRN Clinical Judgment Rubric

Score students' performance on KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies with the KeithRN Clinical Judgment Rubric, a powerful tool that quantitatively measures and assesses students’ clinical judgment skills. By using the rubric throughout the program, you can gain valuable insights into students' progress over time.

Case Study Levels

Access three different levels of KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies:
NextGen, Skinny, and Unfolding.

KeithRN’s Think Like a Nurse Membership

Access exclusive active learning resources for faculty and students, including KeithRN Case Studies, making it your go-to resource.

Faculty and Student Outcomes


Access Time Saving Tools to Make Learning Active
  • More than 100 clinical reasoning case study topics derived from practice.
  • Cases evolve from simple to complex, and can be used by traditional or concept-based curriculum.
  • Classroom worksheets emphasize problem solving and active learning.
Improve Practice Readiness
  • Teaching tools develop clinical judgment to prepare students for real-world practice.
  • Open-ended questions in NextGen NCLEX format enhance clinical reasoning and deepen learning.
  • Resources authored and reviewed by educational and clinical judgment experts.
Prepare for NextGen NCLEX
  • Updated case studies, based on Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model, align with NextGen NCLEX®.
  • Prepare students for NextGen NCLEX® using educational best practices that include case-based active learning emphasizing clinical reasoning.
Strengthen Faculty Development
  • Time-saving, evidence-based teaching resources.
  • Webinars and courses with CEUs to help transform your teaching.
  • Exceptional support and rapid responses to your questions.
Additional Benefits
  • Student access to case study links and tools chosen by faculty.
  • Content is secure. Only faculty members have access to answer keys and case studies are not downloadable.
  • A user-friendly experience with enhanced search functionality to easily find relevant resources.

Updates Make Membership an Even Better Value

  • Research and Evidence-Based Content
    Cases have been reviewed by top educators across the country to ensure current best-practices and patient diversity with relevant social determinants of health, so the most important information is presented in each case.
  • Handouts
    Faculty and student handouts apply learning in classroom and clinical settings to improve the ease of use and strengthen student learning.
  • Regular Updates
    New case study topics, handouts, faculty development webinars, and tools that can be shared with students will be added monthly. The membership will grow over time at no additional cost, making it an even better value.

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Access a KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Study, the KeithRN Clinical Judgment Rubric (with scoring sheet and instructions), and popular worksheets to use with your students before you join Think Like a Nurse.

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Great Value – Save 15% when you pay annually!

As an individual member, get access to all active learning resources.

Membership auto-renews.

$395/ seat (billed annually)

Best Value – Save 33% with a group of 5 or more!

Get access to active learning resources for faculty in your department at a low annual price.

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Reviews from Nurse Educators

The integration of medications, labs, diagnostics, assessment findings with images and sounds, as well as psychosocial and other contextual factors, results in a revolutionary teaching resource to use in the classroom or clinical setting.

Tiffany Condren, MSN, RNC, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Simulation CoordinatorWilliam Jewell College

Keith RN's updated case studies are phenomenal! The case studies do an excellent job of creating a sense of realism and are a valuable tool for the nurse educator.

Daniel Eaton DNP, RN, Assistant Teaching Professor of NursingPenn State Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing

As a nurse educator, I am constantly looking for resources that I can adapt for my senior level students. The progressive case studies are perfect for this! The case studies can be used in the simulation lab, classroom or an online course. The diverse patient scenarios require students to adapt care and recognize social determinants of health.

Raven D. Wentworth, DNP, RN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, FNP-BC, CNE, Associate ProfessorFreed-Hardeman University

The updated case studies allow students to implement clinical judgment and critical thinking in NextGen-like scenarios. The activities are saturated with realism and usher the student through all aspects of the client's life, including psychosocial, reflection, and family dynamics.

Marielle Combs, DNP, RN, CNE, Nursing FacultyWayne Community College

Clinical judgment is at the top of my list in all of my teaching practices. With my busy schedule, I don’t always have time to create something new to use with my students. The Think Like a Nurse Membership was the first site that gave me access to tools, case studies, handouts, webinars, and more that I could immediately use. My students are challenged and learning with every resource. Keith’s resources go perfectly with class, lab and clinical and covers a wide range of topics. I can’t wait to see his next resource.

Christie Cavallo, MSN, RN, EdD (c), CNE, CNEclUniversity of Tennesee Health Science Center College of Nursing

Recommended by Nursing Programs

Hundreds of programs are successfully using the Think Like a Nurse membership including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit from this membership?

If you are a new full-time educator or part-time clinical adjunct, this membership site is perfect for you. It will provide essential teaching that will lay a solid foundation to help you successfully transition to your new role. Experienced educators who recognize the need to do things differently have also found this content helpful and appreciate the innovative case studies and time-saving tools. Students benefit by learning from the case studies, tools, and videos at no extra cost!

Is the content inside the updated membership still the same?

All content will be carried over into the updated platform but will be better than ever! Every case study topic has been revised with current references and all worksheets have been edited to strengthen and improve student learning.

How often will you be adding additional content?

Each month, at least one resource will be added that may include a new case study topic, student and faculty webinar, or tools that faculty can share with students.

How are case studies accessed inside the membership?

Faculty answer keys and PowerPoint files are embedded as PDF docs that cannot be downloaded. The PowerPoint can be shared in class. The student version of each topic is also an embedded PDF that can be viewed by students through a link that faculty can share. Students can then download a template of the case study questions to print or fill in as a writeable document. Using this process ensures security of case studies to prevent unauthorized use.

Classroom and clinical learning worksheets can be shared with students as downloadable PDFs to make it easy to integrate into your content as supplemental learning activities.

Is the content inside the membership secure?

Because all case studies have been completely updated with new scenarios, patient data, and case study structure, the prior versions of KeithRN case studies that are avilable on the internet will have no value to students who may be tempted to take shortcuts. And because all updated content is now embedded into the site, there is nothing from the case study to download except a generic template for students to answer questions as they view an embedded PDF.

Can I share the content inside the membership with other faculty?

According to the terms of the membership, sharing content with other faculty who do not have a membership is strictly prohibited. Members have the license to use all resources with the students they teach.

I have an individual membership and love it. How can I get my department access to the membership?

To get departmental access, share this link with a decision maker in your program so they can register the number of faculty seats that are needed. If a decision is made to purchase, the decision maker can use the program credit card for payment, receive an invoice and detailed instructions to send to faculty to obtain approved access.

As an individual member, you will no longer be responsible for payment and will access the content through the department.

Why do faculty pay for this resource and not students?

Because the vision of KeithRN is to transform how nursing is taught by providing the best possible resources for faculty, it was decided to implement a completely different model that is faculty centric, not student centric. For less than the price of a typical conference, faculty can access innovative teaching with CEUs as well as all the time-saving tools to transform how nursing is taught.

Because students get access to all resources that faculty decide to make available to them, the true cost of the membership can be determined by how many students benefit divided by the individual or departmental cost. Compared to what other companies charge to access simulation based products, the true value of this membership becomes evident. Plus, students are already paying so much in student fees, an increase in student fees is the last thing they need!

If my membership is no longer active, can I still use any of the downloadable resources?

According to the terms of the membership, if an individual or departmental membership is no longer active, the license to use any of the downloadable resources ceases and they cannot be used. Most faculty who are members renew every year unless they experience a life change. Currently the membership has a 99% departmental retention rate.

How soon will I be able to access the membership after registration?

For the security of content and to ensure that students are not receiving access to faculty resources, all new members must be approved before accessing the Think Like a Nurse Membership. Approval will be completed within 24 hours of sign-up. Weekend registrations will be approved on Mondays. If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to Member Support.

What if this membership doesn’t meet my needs?

No problem. We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. First you will need to submit your cancellation from inside your Membership Account Overview area. Then you may Contact Membership Support, and we will promptly refund the cost of your membership if you signed up within 30 days of cancelling.

I have had a life change and need to cancel my individual membership.

Individual memberships can be canceled at any time from inside your Membership Account Overview area.

What if I have an additional question or need support?

Contact Us with questions and you will receive a prompt reply.


  1. Kavanagh, J.M., Sharpnack, P.A., (January 31, 2021) “Crisis in Competency: A Defining Moment in Nursing Education” OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 26, No. 1, Manuscript 2.
  2. Nielsen, A., Gonzalez, L., Jessee, M. A., Monagle, J., Dickison, P., & Lasater, K. (2022). Current Practices for Teaching Clinical Judgment: Results From a National Survey. Nurse educator, 10.1097/NNE.0000000000001268. Advance online publication.
  3. McLean, S. (2016). Case-based learning and its application in medical and health-care fields: A review of worldwide literature. Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development, 39. doi: 10.4137/JMECD.S20377

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