Unsuccessful Payment or Expired Payment Method

Have you experienced an Unsuccessful Payment? These sort of things happen from time to time due to various reasons. The most common causes are your credit/debit card has been declined by your issuing bank, or your credit/debit card has expired and is no longer valid.

We understand this can be frustrating. The information below can help guide your first steps in this matter.

  1. The first step in resolving an Unsuccessful Payment is to Sign In to your account.
  2. Second step is to check that your credit/debit card billing information is accurate or up to date. To change your card info or update the card’s expiration date, you may do so within the Update Billing (members only) section.

Once these steps are complete, your account should be in proper working order. Still cannot Sign In? Visit our Sign In Help page or please submit a Support Ticket.


Are you experiencing difficulty with payments on your account? At times, there may be a couple issues to analyze.

Common causes for subscription based issues.

  • Payment is not processing or declined payment
    Please ensure you have a valid credit card. Common causes to failed payments are expired credit cards, insufficient funds, or your bank is rejecting the payment or may think this is not a valid purchase. You may need to contact your credit card banking institution to verify your credit card is valid and explain to them what your intentions are for use on this website.
  • My credit card is about to expire
    Please go to Update Billing and update the credit card information on file. The system may ask you to re-enter the full information from your credit card so it can fully process your next payment.
  • The Update Billing Card section is empty
    If you are unable to update your credit card info or cannot see the section to do so, this may be a result that your account was set up with a group license and your credit card is not associated personally with your account. If you are not part of a group license and you have further questions regarding this, please contact us.

If you’re not able to find your answer or need technical help, please submit a Support Ticket.

Last updated byTim on September 22, 2022