My Subscription Expired

When a member’s account is marked as expired, soon to expire or cancelled, access to Members only content is revoked. For expired members, access is revoked immediately. For soon to be expired or cancelled members, access is revoked once the expiration date on the account is reached.

Members with expired and cancelled accounts will still be permitted to Sign In to their accounts, they simply won’t be allowed to access any content.

If you are part of a department group license, see below.

Unless you are fully locked out of your account for an unknown reason due to a Sign In failure or Lost Password, we permit Members access to their expired account, which is necessary so that they may renew their membership if they so choose.


Are you still unable to Sign In to your account due to an expired subscription?

Common causes for subscription expiration based issues.

  • Payment is not processing or declined payment
    Please ensure you have a valid credit card. Common causes to failed payments are expired credit cards, insufficient funds, or your bank is rejecting the payment or may think this is not a valid purchase. You may need to contact your credit card banking institution to verify your credit card is valid and explain to them what your intentions are for use on this website. For more, visit Unsuccessful Payment or Expired Payment Method.
  • Your membership is based on a department group license
    If your membership has already expired or is about to expire and you received the 2 week email notice and you’re part of a department license, you may need to contact your department facilitator and inquire if the membership has been renewed for your group. If you are a department facilitator in charge of your group license and would like to extend the membership for another annual term, please submit an inquiry and we will be glad to help.

If you’re not able to find your answer or need technical help, please submit a Support Ticket.

Last updated byTim on September 22, 2022